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Tips For Selling A Luxury Car

As a family run business that has been established for 50 years, we have a certain expertise when it comes to car sales. Here, we look at the things to consider when selling your car privately …


Provide All Of The Documents

Providing a full service and MOT history is key to selling a car easily and for the correct value. Documents showing a full-service history prove to a potential buyer that the car has been well looked after and remove elements of doubt from the deal.

Keeping a record of not only services but also any maintenance work is also advisable as it can be used to negotiate a better asking price.


Consider Part Exchange

Selling a car can be stressful, time-consuming and sometimes completely counterproductive. Private buyers will often try to haggle you to a lower value in a bid to save themselves some money. If the process of selling your car is taking a while, you may be tempted to sell for a lower value than your car is worth.

If you are frustrated, don’t do anything in haste. Research a trusted and local car dealer that can offer you part exchange deals and therefore provide you a reduced price on the motor of your dreams.


Safety First

It is a sad fact that there are many fraudsters and scam artists out there. They actively seek private car sales, particularly luxury cars, and have developed devious ways to trick honest sellers out of their money. When selling a car, always prepare for this eventuality.

Always have a friend or family member with you and ask for a buyer’s proof of identity and driving licence. If on a test drive, never leave your cars in the vehicle alone with the buyer no matter how nice they seem.

Lastly, never hand over your keys or any documents until you have confirmation in the bank that the full amount has been paid.


We hope that you found these car-selling tips useful. If you are looking for a quality used car in Nottingham, get in touch with the team at Kendrick Cars where we will be happy to help. We also offer a range of part exchange and finance deals to help you find your dream motor!