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Tips For Looking After A Luxury Car

Buying a luxury car is a feeling quite like no other but is an investment of your time as much as it is an investment of your money. Here, we look at the best ways to keep your luxury car looking and performing its best at every turn…


Book in a Regular Service

While it’s not the most fun of jobs, looking after your cars internal aspects is incredibly important. Yes, a luxury car is wonderful to look at and can certainly turn heads in the high street but if it isn’t performing to its best then you really are doing it a disservice.

A professional car service will evaluate all of the inner-workings of the car, from oil changes to tyre tread and will help keep your luxury motor turning heads on the street than stuck in a garage!


Keep It Clean

There are not many enjoyable household jobs out there but cleaning your luxury car is certainly one of them. If the weather is right, you can lose hours taking care of your precious vehicle and may even strike up a conversation or two with passers-by!

 Investing in an expensive motor is all well and good, but you need to also invest in good quality cleaning products to help keep your car gleaming and looking its best. Leather seats are common in luxury cars but require different cleaning solutions than the standard motor.

DO NOT take your car to a drive-thru car wash, where the force of the cleaning has actually been known to cause scratches or imperfections. If you don’t have the time to wash the car yourself, take it to a professional valet service.  


Tips For Driving

Driving carefully at all times is good advice, especially if you have a luxury car. Whilst it can be tempting to hit the accelerator and showcase your motor’s raw talent, this is best avoided in city-driving where potholes are likely to cause you more than just a headache!


If you are looking for a luxury used car in Nottingham, get in touch with the team at Kendrick Cars. Our showroom is home to a variety of used luxury and prestige motors.