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Range Rover Trims

Range Rover. A name synonymous with style and luxury. The buying process is an experience in itself, let alone the driving experience. With a whole lineup of models to choose from, the selection process doesn’t end there, welcome to the world of Range Rover trims…

The trim levels come in an array of options but what does stay the same is that classic Range Rover finish which is present in even the entry level models - if you can even call them that. Here’s a rundown of the different trims so you know what they all mean next time you visit us.


High Specification Equipment. It kind of explains itself but this is far from your average trim and not your average Range Rover. In a HSE model, you will find total luxury and you will feel more like you’re sat on a sofa than in your car.


Special Vehicle Operations and Special Vehicle Racing respectively. They’re not available on every model but when you find a model with an SVR trim, you are in for a fun ride, we can promise you that.


Offered on the OG Range Rover, Sport and Evoque, this is the trim to search for if you’re looking for fancy. Luxury trims and extra features as standard, it will make heads turn and will come with a chunkier price tag.


These trims are more rugged and aggressive. That can either mean under the hood or inside the cabin. They’re worth checking out and diving into the details of what makes the car ‘dynamic’.


The mid-trim level on the Evoque with distinctive styling.

As you will know, with Range Rovers, they are totally customisable and come with a range of add ons and optional extras, so when you’re shopping you are really in for some fun.

If you’re looking for a used Range Rover in Nottingham and want some buying advice and a showroom with a difference, get in touch with the team at Kendrick Cars.